Call for Administrative Pastor

First Lutheran is blessed to announce a recommendation to fill the Administrative Pastor position with Rev. Philip Leer of Harvey, ND. The Call Committee and Church Council have met with Rev. Phil, reviewed his profile, and approved the call process to move forward.

The next step is for the congregation to approve the pastoral call. This is done through a congregational meeting that includes a vote. Due to the pandemic, we realize that not all members are ready to meet in person as we traditionally have done for a call approval. Therefore, we will also offer a virtual means of attendance via links below and will have an extended time period where we will accept ballots. The only agenda item is the discussion of the call. It is the goal of Council that other church business be conducted at the regularly scheduled Annual Meeting in January. If you have any questions, please call the church office.

The Church Council thanks you for your time and prayerful consideration.

Congregational Meeting

The congregational meeting to approve the call will take place on November 8th, at 11:00am. You may attend this meeting in the following ways:

  • In Person at the church. Please note that social distancing and masks will be required. As the church is opening for a one-time only meeting, you are also invited to attend the 9:30 service right beforehand. Note that the church will go back to online only resuming on November 15th. Extra ballots will be available at the church too.
  • Going to our Facebook Page prior to the meeting. We will try to start the broadcast 10 minutes prior so people can have time to connect
  • Going to our online public event. This will also start 10 minutes prior: View Online Congregational Meeting

For those church members who are connecting virtually and who wish to talk to the assembly during the meeting are asked to call the church office number at 701-663-3594 and you will be placed on hold. Please note that if we receive high call volumes you may hear a busy signal and you will need to try again. We are trying to accommodate our remote membership and your patience will be appreciated.

If any details concerning the meeting are changed, we will update them here.

Please also note that if there are technical difficulties, we will still try to post the meeting on this page for anyone to watch again.


Voting will take place via ballot you hopefully received in the mail during the week of November 1st. You may submit it in-person at the meeting or via a drop box that will be outside the church office starting on Wednesday, November 4. It will be available between the hours of 9am and 5pm each day through Tuesday, November 10. Voting will be closed at 5pm on November 10. Results will be reported within a week. We will not disclose who voted for or against, nor will the ballots stay on file.

If you do not have a ballot:

About Pastor Phil

Rev. Philip Leer, or Pastor Phil as he is known, is currently serving a call at First Lutheran Church in Harvey, ND. His education started at Concordia College in Moorhead, MN and continued at Wartburg Theological Seminary in Dubuque, IA. After his ELCA ordination in 1996, he went to Rugby, ND for his first call where he served for 14 years. He then went to Harvey in 2010 where he has been ever since. He enjoys running, weightlifting, and golf. The video below was shown during the November 1st service at First Lutheran of Mandan.

If you would like to view a recent sermon from October 25, please see the video below:

First Lutheran of Harvey Service from October 25, 2020

You can also view the worship service where we announced his call to the congregation: