Confirmation is for all 8th & 9th graders!


7:00 p.m.

 What is Confirmation?

Confirmation and baptism are deeply connected.  Confirmation is a period of study and faith formation, where young people can engage in and understand the fundamental promises made at their baptism. The students affirm those promises, and in doing so, they commit themselves to a life of devotion to God, of communion with the church, and service to others.

Simply put, confirmation is the affirmation of baptism. This means that the purpose of confirmation to affirm, sustain, uphold, and encourage our young people as they deepen their understanding of the promises made at their baptism and help them understand what a life of discipleship means. The confirmation curriculum does this by addressing the promises made in baptism over the course of two years.

Please click below to read the Confirmation Guidelines and requirements for our students.

Confirmation Guidelines


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