Kenton Holle – President

Lanny Harris – Vice President

Jodi Hammer – Secretary

Gene Anderson

Curtis Peterson

Wayne Carlson

Jared Sprenger

Mike Hatzenbuhler

Lacey Johnson

First Lutheran Church Teams

Worship Team:  is responsible for the development of the worship and special services along with the spiritual care of the congregation.

  • Kenton Holle & Jared Sprenger

Stewardship Team: has a special responsibility for the congregation’s development according to Scriptural principles of stewardship along with the raising of funds.

  • Curtis Peterson & Jared Sprenger

Evangelism Team: has the charge of developing a sound program of evangelism and general spiritual growth for the congregation. They also facilitate the LAF program, a meal ministry for Mandan High School students. They are also responsible for the development, coordination and management of the special events and activities of the congregation.

  •  Wayne Carlson & Mike Hatzenbuhler

Parish Education/Youth Team: is required to operate the Church School and other schools of the congregation. They promote adult education in the congregation. This team develops the Youth program of our church. This team is responsible for the team building faith development of our Jr. High (6th-8th grade) and Sr. High (9th-12th grade) youth and planning special events that bring our youth together in Christ.

  • Jodi Hammer & Lacey Johnson

Property & Management Team: is responsible for the care of the property and identifying areas for improvement.

  • Gene Anderson & Lanny Harris

Communications:  Communications Team was designed to get more information about the church and its congregations out to others in the community and surrounding areas.

  • Jackie Schulz
  • Kevin Fishbeck, church council feedback email account

Executive Team:  The Executive Team under the Administrative Pastor establishes the council agendas, evaluates staff and prepares the congregational budget.

  • Kenton Holle, Lanny Harris & Jodi Hammer

1 Response to Council

  1. Gary Flaa says:

    W e are going to be out of town for the annual meeting but just wanted the council to know that I think you have done an excellent job in leading our congregation the past year and the year prior. 2020 was a very difficult year for First Lutheran looking to hire an Administrative Pastor and all the other issues the church was facing including financial. Obviously the wait was well worth the time. I think our church has made major progress this past year under the leadership of Pastor Phil. He has brought new life to the church. Now with the addition of Angie and our solid staff at the church, I think 2022 will be even better. I applaud the efforts you put in as a council and wish the new council nothing but the best in the coming year. Congratulations on a job well done.

    Gary and Darlene Flaa

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