Church Council Email:

Jessie Hilfer – President

DJ Campbell – Vice President

Andrea Bonness – Secretary

Tim Faller

Jill Miller

Kevin Fishbeck

Wayne Friesz

Ron Webb

First Lutheran Church Teams

Worship Team:  is responsible for the development of the worship and special services along with the spiritual care of the congregation.

Stewardship Team: has a special responsibility for the congregation’s development according to Scriptural principles of stewardship along with the raising of funds.

  • Andrea Bonness

Evangelism Team: has the charge of developing a sound program of evangelism and general spiritual growth for the congregation.

  • Tim Faller & Ron Webb

Parish Education Team: is required to operate the Church School and other schools of the congregation. They promote adult education in the congregation.

  • Pastor Christina Martin, Jill Miller  & DJ Campbell

Property & Management Team: is responsible for the management of funds, the care of the property and the preparation of the congregational budget.

  • Kevin Fishbeck & Wayne Friesz

Special Events Team: is responsible for the development, coordination and management of the special events and activities of the congregation.

  • Jessie Hilfer & Andrea Bonness

Communications:  Communications Team was designed to get more information about the church and its congregations out to others in the community and surrounding areas.

  • Jackie Schulz

Youth:  Youth Team develops the Youth program of our church.  This team is responsible
for the faith development of our Jr. High (6th-8th grade) and Sr. High (9th-12th
grade) youth and planning special events that bring our youth together in Christ.

  • Pastor Christina Martin, Jill Miller & DJ Campbell

Executive Team:  Pastor Lee Herberg,  Jessie Hilfer, DJ Campbell & Andrea Bonness


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