Endowment Fund

What is the mission of the First Lutheran Endowment Fund?

The First Lutheran Endowment Fund was created to “enhance the work of the Church by establishing new ministries and stewardship opportunities additional and apart from the congregation.”  The contributions are invested into perpetual fund accounts.  These accounts are self-supporting accrual accounts with the principal permanently invested and only the income from the investment is available for use.

Why would I want to include the Church in my legacy?

As a donor you are demonstrating your commitment to your faith and church.  Also charitable gifts can benefit the Church and congregation in so many ways and for so long, as well as giving the donor personal satisfaction by giving.  These gifts will define and help accomplish a church’s purpose and fund programs and will help the Church meet all their financial obligations.

How is the First Lutheran Endowment Fund used?

Unless restricted to specific uses by the donor, the Endowment Fund assets are currently dedicated to support three general areas:

1. Organizations of First Lutheran Church

2. Programs involving:

  •  Youth programs
  •  Development of local and world-wide missions
  • New endeavors or projects of the congregation, community, Christian
    schools and Christian camps
  • To assist projects of First Lutheran Church and its members

How is the First Lutheran Endowment Fund managed?

The Endowment Fund Committee, whose members are elected by the congregation, administers the Endowment Fund.  The Endowment Fund Committee is committed to a strategy of diversified investments that will provide a high level of income without undue risk, while maintaining the principal and liquidity of the Fund.  The Endowment Fund Committee will distribute funds as they become available, based on grant proposals from other boards and committees of the congregation.  Currently these funds are being distributed on an as-needed basis.  All Funds are invested to the best advantage of First Lutheran Church.

How may I contribute to the First Lutheran Endowment Fund?

Donors are encouraged to seek their own professional council regarding planned contributions to the Endowment Fund.  Contributions to the Endowment Fund may be designated for a specific purpose or may simply be given and the Endowment Fund Committee will distribute in the best interest of First Lutheran Church.  All types of gifts are welcome and encouraged, but understandably as changing needs in the congregation and Church arise, the greater of the Lutheran community will be served if there are fewer restrictions on the use of these gifts.  Contact your Pastor or Endowment Fund Committee members for more information at:  701-663-3594.

Endowment Fund Members:

Darin Hanson-President

Marty Haroldson-Secretary

Brenna Ohman-Treasurer

Dave Anderson

Adam Pachl

I would like to discuss a gift to the First Lutheran Church Endowment






I am interested in learning more about:

___ Including the Endowment Fund in my will or a living trust.

___ Including the Endowment Fund as a beneficiary of retirement plan assets.

___ Purchasing or transferring a life insurance policy to the Endowment Fund.

___ Making an outright gift of real estate, personal property, or securities.

___ Becoming a “Bridge Builder”. (example: pledge a minimum of $1,000 over 5 years)


___I would like to pledge  $___________

to be paid over ________ years.

___ My first payment of $_____________

___ Please send annual reminders.

Checks should be made out to: First Lutheran Church Endowment Fund

(Mail completed card to:)

First Lutheran Church Endowment Fund

408 NW 9th Street

Mandan, ND 58554