Special Ministries

Altar Guild

The basic function of the Altar Guild is to take care of all items pertaining to the altar. This group deals with the paraments, altar candles, organizing the baking of bread for communion, and trains people to set up and clean up for communion. New members are always welcome and we meet on an “as needed” basis. For more information contact the church office

Men’s Fellowship Breakfast

Men’s Fellowship Breakfast meets every Wednesday morning from 6:30 to 7:30am at Hardee’s on Main Street in Mandan. A discussion of the weekly events occurs. One of the projects for the group is a breakfast to benefit the youth programs. All men of the church are invited to attend.

Ruth Circle

Ruth Circle meets every first Monday of the month. Our Circle at the
present time has ten members and we encourage and search for new members. Our
circle basically is a bible study group who meets in the homes of our members or
at the church. All these ladies at the present time belong to the church
quilting group, but is not a criteria to belong to this Circle. We supply quite
a number of health kits for World Relief also. Our sunshine offering each month
is given to a needy organization such as Aid Inc., etc. We also serve snacks for
the nursing home the day First Lutheran gives communion to the residents. If you
are interested or have questions on our Circle please contact First Lutheran

Deborah Circle

We meet the first Tuesday of each month, September through June at
7:30pm at homes of Circle members or the Friendship Room in the Church. The
purpose of our Circle is a bible study group. We also help in the monthly
rotation at the Mandan nursing home taking our turn providing and serving the
lunch after the communion service provided by First Lutheran. Our Circle chooses
1-2 persons who are in a nursing home and takes them gifts or treats on special
occasions and holidays. We provide a meal for a Circle member during a time of
bereavement or medical condition and send flowers. Our offering each month goes
to the mission of the month at the church. If you would be interested in joining
our Circle please contact First Lutheran Church.

Miriam Circle

The Circle meets the second Wednesday of each month either at the
church or in member’s homes. We presently have eleven active members. We
subscribe to Lutheran Woman Today and use that for our bible study. We have
several members in nursing homes and we frequently send cards to them. We have
adopted a resident of a care center in Dunseith and remember her with gifts and
cards on her birthday and holidays. Twice a year our Circle serves lunch at
Medcenter One Care Center after our church’s communion service. We make health
kits and layettes for Lutheran World Relief. If any of our members or an
immediate family member passes away, we either furnish a meal or give a memorial
to the church. We have informed the church office that should they receive a
request for someone needing assistance, we would be willing to help. We’re
always looking for new members and invite anyone to join us, if you are
interested please contact Virginia Keidel, Chairperson, at 663-3051.

Friendship Circle

The Friendship Circle meets the first Monday of each month, September
through June at 7:30pm. We meet in our homes and in the First Lutheran
Friendship Room. We are a circle that centers our Bible studies on the Lutheran
Woman of Today. Each year we chose a mission to work for such as The God’s Child
Project and the Marshall Islands Salvation Army. We sew school bags and donate
school supplies to be shipped to World Relief. We are a circle of about 15 to 20
women who enjoy fellowship and coffee during our Bible Study. New members are
always welcomed! For more information about our circle please call Linda Anseth,
at 663-2933.

Heart River Circle

The Heart River Circle organized in 1907 and have met every first
Wednesday of the month since then. Some of our members are forth generation.
We’ve done many projects over the years. We’ve always had an Annual Chicken
dinner at the Heart River Church. For many years we did the Lutefisk Supper at
First Lutheran. We’ve made lap robes for the nursery home and packed many
mission kits. We have always served as a support group for our members by
serving many weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties and funeral for our
members families. New members are always welcome.  Please contact First Lutheran


Lotus (Looking Onward To Understanding and Serenity) is a group of men, women and young adults who have experienced a death. All groups meet at the Serenity Center for Loss and Healing at Parkway Funeral Service, 2330 Tyler Parkway on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month. The times are 10:00 A.M. for men, 1:00 P.M. for women and 7:00 P.M. for both men and women (September-May). If you have questions, please call Brenda at 426-1021.


SOUNDS OF SILENCE (SOS) – After a suicide – there are people who understand. The Sounds of Silence Support Group meets at the Serenity Center for Loss and Healing at Parkway Funeral Service, 2330 Tyler Parkway on the first and third Tuesday at 7:00 P.M. (September-May). The facilitators are Brenda Bergan and Kathleen Dwyer. If you have questions, please call Brenda at 426-1021.